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Healthiest cooking oil in the world!

February 27, 2013

It is not easy to figure out which is the healthiest cooking oil, there are many options to pick from. Even trusty Google struggles to discover an agreement! A quick search will uncover some likely candidates such as rapeseed oil etc. Unfortunately, the healthiest cooking oil of them all, coconut, is usually left out due to misinformation.

When considering healthy oils for food preparation coconut oil is normally overlooked since in the past it has had a bad rap. Throughout the 1980s soybean producers sponsored a campaign to ‘educate’ the public about the advantages of soybean oil and the risks of saturated fat, including coconut oil.

A lot of studies at the time used hydrogenated coconut oil. This oil is rather different to standard processed and virgin coconut oil both of which are healthy. ANY hydrogenated oil will raise bad cholesterol; this is a feature of nasty trans fatty acids. A damaged cholesterol profile– reduced good and raised bad cholesterol– is highly connected to heart problems, the leading killer in the West.

Saturated fats such as lard, butter and ghee CAN and WILL trigger damage to your cholesterol levels if used regularly, unfortunately the flawed studies lumped coconut oil in with the general viewpoint of saturated fats being harmful to health. This is not the case, coconut oil has a myriad of health advantages which render it the healthiest cooking oil on the planet.

Unlike the vast of saturated fats, coconut includes mainly medium-chain fatty acids in contrast to long-chain. This ensures that coconut oil is taken uo much more easily than other saturated fats AND helps with the absorption of certain nutrients– minerals and fat soluble vitamins. Therefore the case for coconut oil being the healthiest cooking oil is becoming stronger!

Exactly what else is so great about the healthiest cooking oil?

Well, not only is coconut oil safe in regards to cholesterol it is extremely stable. So, it is very resistant to heat and therefore does not become carcinogenic during the high temperatures of deep frying or baking. Liquid, polyunsaturated oils often be very unstable in this way and are harmful when heated up too much!

This post has actually just scraped the surface of the advantages of utilizing coconut oil, rendering it the healthiest cooking oil on the planet! Nonetheless, in addition to these health elements, coconut oil is really useful in the cooking arena. It has a high smoke point, certainly the fine-tuned version, which makes it appropriate for both baking and deep frying. Moreover, the refined variety has no taste which some individuals dislike in all their cooked food. I appreciate the taste and love to utilize the more powerful flavored virgin oil in reduced heat food preparation and in my porridge! It adds a little something!

For me, there’s no controversy, coconut oil IS the healthiest cooking oil offered to man. Using it will safeguard you from the heart diseases connected with other cooking oils and it is not carcinogenic when heated. So exactly what’s preventing you, go for it, begin utilizing the worlds healthiest cooking oil!

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