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The Burned Ladies Of Pakistan

September 9, 2013

I watched Saving Face on Channel 4 a few days ago. It was not an easy watch but it had to be done.With quotes like: “It took one second to ruin my life completely”, it was impossible not to feel enormous compassion for these women.Pakistan is a poor country and many of its male population are ill-educated. The only thing they have in abundance is acid – a chemical used in the production of cotton, which is the main manufacturing industry in the area.When a man feels that his honour has been slighted – to ask for a divorce – he reacts by defacing the object of his affection. If I cant have her then no one will, so he lobs acid into her face.There were young girls who had turned down their teachers, mothers who were separated from their children by bricked up doorways and young women who were once beautiful but now hid their wrecked from the public view behind burkhas and sunglasses because they felt they were so hideous.The documentary tells the story of a small group of the 100 women disfigured by acid attacks in Pakistan every year – although those are only the reported ones. It is believed that this figure may really be more like 500 each year.When the film starts, most of the male perpetrators of this horrific crime will be acquitted and set free. They will swear that the woman is mad and did it to herself.It is only the courage of these women to show their appalling injuries and demand justice which finally makes the Government of Pakistan bring in new laws. They looked at allowing the women to treat the offending man in kind but life imprisonment is the sentence that is agreed upon in the end.

via Saving Face – The Burned Ladies Of Pakistan

This is grim beyond all measure but the amazing heart of these poor women is inspiring. From adversity…

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