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Headaches everyday? Try this treatment.

February 24, 2013

I groaned as she said “I keep getting headaches, dad” for the thousandth time.

My daughter is self-employed, working in chambers and is really busy. She typically seems to be at the beck and call of her boss, there’s generally deadline after deadline, appearances in court, investigation to be carried out and stuff to organize. Her chaotic schedule means that she experiences tension headaches pretty often. Thus the oft overheard objection “I keep getting headaches, dad”.

From “I keep getting headaches” to reoccurring, each and every day headaches!

When these headaches got more oppressive and started occurring day to day, we started to fret. Aspirin and paracetamol, ingested with a brew, just in order to get through the day is merely not normal. These intense headaches would feature feelings of queasiness every so often as the burden of my daughter’s frantic schedule escalated.

Distress and extravagant agonizing started to arrive as the re-occurrence became regularl! A swift Google search can lead you to assume the very worst case scenario outcomes– cancer and brain tumors! This realisation was a bit of a shock, to be truthful and pushed me to consult the NHS for assistance. Surely a headache couldn’t be as scary as cancer?

I perused dietary guidance on the web and tips on the NHS internet site and even though it provided us hope of a quick fix and put our thoughts at rest regarding the cancer risk very little really seemed to help.

Sports Massage as a headache solution?

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it earlier but I eventually sent my daughter off to a local sports massage center to see if they could assist. The outcomes were terrific! Apparently, they regularly deal with people enduring work overload and anxiety which induce recurring headaches!

Looking back, I ought to have realized that sports massage was worth a try. I ‘d been to visit a massage therapist during the course of my training for last year’s London Marathon. They sorted out my shin splints symptoms prompted by overdoing the miles a little bit but the overriding memory was just how soothing the treatments were. And naturally, relaxation is the counter of stress! Obvious really!

I no longer hear a plaintiff “I keep getting headaches, dad” when my daughter pays a visit, this is now a thing of the past. Sports Massage has saved the day, my daughter’s headaches are far fewer AND when they occur the symptoms are less severe. A win win!

Naturally, my daughter is delighted. Even the fact that she can get a massage booked with only a phone call is a huge help. In addition, they massage therapist has provided her with some suggestions to help keep the headaches at bay. The massage itself, which focusses on the shoulders, neck and head is blissful, apparently! And I’m the hero for suggesting she go in the first place, which is a much better sentiment than that of a plaintiff “I keep getting headaches, dad”!

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